PC booster tips and steps to improve your PC performance
It is so frustrating when your work is halted with a sluggish/slow computer. There are many ways to optimize the settings and some basic troubleshooting tips to enhance your computer speed and performance. In this article, we will discuss all the PC Booster tips so as to boost your PC from very slow to better… (5 comments)

Smartphones Technology: What effect it has on youth and nation?
4G-Android-Smartphones-Technology is increasing at such a rapid pace and making the life of the people easy. Image Source: pixabay.com My 2-year-old kid is learning her nursery rhymes in my Android Mobile with the help of eye-catching graphics and seamless videos. Thanks to 4G technology to make sure videos are downloaded and stream with lightning speed. My… (11 comments)

ACT Broadband Connection Review & Latest Tariff Plans (2018)
ACT fibernet (previously Beam Telecom/fibre) has been the most popular broadband Service provider in Hyderabad City. I have taken my time to review this broadband service as I have successfully completed 4 years of  loyalty customer to Beam/ACT fibernet. Let me first talk about Beam fibre which has given an excellent speed internet connection, decent… (12 comments)