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Garima Shrivastava Nag (Garima Nag), the person behind “Sweet Sharing” blog, is a fashion designer & merchandiser by profession and a passionate blogger in person. She has worked in the fashion industry  for about 8 years. She is an avid travel & lifestyle blogger with 2 lovely kids and she has 25k followers in all Social media channels. She is one of the gorgeous bloggers I have in my best blog buddy list.

It’s been really great connecting with Garima Nag. Here, in our Blogger Interviews Series, Garima Nag gives tips on developing and managing a fashion/Lifestyle blog. She gives some insights as to how to be successful in Blogging despite having many challenges and hard roads in front.

So let’s jump quickly onto the interview I had with this Adorable Woman here:

Can you brief about yourself to our readers?

Garima Shrivastava Nag – Hi Guru. First of all, thanks for having me over.

I am Garima Nag, a fashion designer by profession, keen learner, voracious reader, habitual traveler, supermom to two awesome kids, yoga fanatic & an avid blogger at Sweet Sharing. It’s a travel & lifestyle blog covering an array of topics from travel, lifestyle, parenting & reviews. Travel, Parenting & lifestyle being the main categories of my blog with the occasional travel wallet reviews. It reflects well with my own lifestyle.

How long have you been blogging? What do you like most about blogging?

Garima Shrivastava Nag – I started ‘Sweet Sharing’ in 2013. Blogging started as a hobby & gradually became my passion. Fortunately, within a year of its conception, Sweet sharing was listed among the top Indian blogs in all blog directories. It encouraged me to move to self-hosting & get full control of my website.

It’s been a wonderful journey so far. Blogging has given me a sense of fulfillment. I love to create stories from my personal experiences, share & connect with like-minded & passionate people. We all have stories that need to be told, heard & appreciated. Blogging is such a powerful medium that has made it possible to a great extent. Unlike traditional publishing methods, blogging gives you unlimited freedom to express yourself uninhibited.

How did “Sweet Sharing” originate and How would you describe it in a single sentence?

Garima Shrivastava Nag – I took a break from my fashion career when I was expecting my first baby. I wanted to enjoy every moment of being a mother. The break extended longer than I expected. I started blogging when my son turned one & my elder daughter was already 4. Although I was not active professionally but in my personal life, I was gaining a new experience every day. Motherhood not only changed the person I was but changed my perspective towards life as a whole. I needed a platform to share my thoughts, views, opinions on various subjects. Sweet Sharing became my voice in the virtual world.

In a single sentence, Sweet Sharing is ‘A Reverie of globetrotting Mom’ 🙂

What’s your Favorite Online Shopping Destination and how crazy are you about latest fashion and trends?

lifestyle blogger

Garima Shrivastava Nag – I prefer traditional store shopping ( Ya …call me old school) I like to try the stuff personally before actually buying it. If i have enough time in hand, i would rather go out & indulge in retail therapy.

At the risk of being labeled as a shopaholic I must admit, I indulge in online shopping as well. It is a boon for people who are super busy or run out of ideas what to buy for a gift. I do not have any favorite online store. It all depends on what kind of stuff I want. I usually consider factors like speedy delivery, hassle free returns & excellent after sale services while shopping online

I am not a fashion follower. It might sound little strange but I prefer to buy what suits my personal style & comfort level. I think the real essence of fashion is to have fun, be unique & create your own signature style.

How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently apart from taking care of 2 lovely kids?

Garima Shrivastava Nag – To begin with it’s not easy especially when you have to deal with two super energetic kids :D. Running a household, raising kids, fulfilling social commitments consume the maximum of my time. At the end of the day, it comes down to time management & prioritizing.

As my work involves frequent traveling, I need to plan my schedule at least a week or sometimes a month ahead. You need to carefully plan every minute of your day to be able to fulfill your commitments. Blogging needs your complete attention & dedicated time.

A blogger not only needs to create good content but also must know the technical aspects of blogging. Your work is not over once you publish your work. The real work starts after publishing the post. One needs to promote the content on the various platform, engage with the readers, communities & followers. I am not even discussing various technical glitches that a blogger has to face on a regular basis.All in a day’s work. 🙂

What were your most embarrassing and Happiest moments ever on your blog journey so far?

Garima Shrivastava Nag – Luckily, there has not been a single embarrassing moment as of now. Blogging has been an enjoyable experience so far.

During my 3 years of blogging, I have had several happy moments. As you might know that I am based in South Korea. One fine day I was in a mall. A lady came up to me & introduced herself. She asked if I was Garima Nag. She said she read my blog & travel stories. She congratulated me for a great blog & requested to share more experiences frequently. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised that a stranger in a foreign country could recognize me because of my work. My blog has become my identity. It was a proud moment for me…my celebrity moment 🙂

Recently I was invited as a digital creator & influencer by Top international baby care brand for a conference in Shanghai. It was a gratifying experience to share my insight & experiences with brand representatives & other popular bloggers from Asia Pacific.

I have also won many blogging contests. It keeps the momentum going. In a nutshell, It gives me great satisfaction when my work is appreciated & recognized.The journey has been great so far but still a long road ahead!

You look so young despite having 2 kids and becoming more beautiful each day, what’s the secret and any tips to our young women bloggers?

Garima Shrivastava Nag – For the looks I can’t take the credit at all. I must thank my parents for the good genes 🙂

lifestyle blogger

However, I like to lead a disciplined lifestyle. Typically, my day starts at 4.30 in the morning. I workout or do yoga for 1 -1 1/2 hrs every day. Afterward, the morning drill starts. Health & fitness tops my to-do list. We often tend to overlook our health in a bid to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle. We conveniently forget the fact that our body is the only asset that is going to last throughout our lives.

In the past, I’ve had health issues. I piled on loads of weight after both my pregnancies ( I was 75 Kg & 79 Kg respectively) Thanks to dedicated workout routine & proper diet that I was able to reclaim my strength & fitness. I was not a hurry to get back into my old clothes rather was worried about various complications that come along with excess weight. My priority has always been fitness, to have stamina throughout the day & keep my body agile. It’s still a work in progress 🙂

Every blogger has some inspiration from the senior or Icon/idol bloggers. Who is your inspiration and which blogs you read regularly?

Garima Shrivastava Nag – We all drive inspiration from various sources.I draw inspiration from everyday life. A hard working woman inspires me, so does a great literary piece. The Laughter of a child is as inspiring as the success story of an achiever. I like to lead a simple life hence my source of inspiration are small things that leave an impression in mind. I read blogs, books, journals whenever i have time . Reading for me is like meditation, a complete overhaul of mind & soul!

What are the do’s and dont’s that a Fashion/Life Style blogger should take care of and to become a successful blogger in this niche?

Garima Shrivastava Nag – I think for every blogger it is important to create a unique style. I like to read a blog that has a creative flair with a dash of reality. As a reader, you must be able to relate to what you are reading.

If you are a fashion/Lifestyle blogger you must keep yourself abreast with the latest trends in the world of fashion. Create interesting stories that appeal to your readers. You are the eyes & ears of your readers. Be specific, informative, innovative & honest.

Last but not the least, what do you want with share to our readers and your opinion on Best Of Guru blog and its Pros and Cons?

Garima Shrivastava Nag – Thank you, Guru, for this wonderful opportunity to connect with your amazing readers. I congratulate you for having a great blog. You are doing a commendable job. I  wish you much more success ahead!!!

Over to You:

I hope you have enjoyed this interview with Garima Nag, and if you have any questions to her you can ask the same in the comment section below.

You can connect with Garima Nag on her Twitter and Pinterest.


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