How to choose the best web hosting company in India?

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web hsoting

Selecting a good web host is important for any  organization and sometimes, a tedious task, so, before going to pick it, compare different plans and take a look at customers’ reviews.

Know how a website works or why do we need web hosting?

Web hosting is an internet hosting service that lets an individual or an organization to make their website accessible. Now, get to know how it works:

  • The browser sends the request for a particular page to the server that’s connected through an IP Address.
  • In return, the server sends back that requested page.

These pages can be shown to anybody all over the internet world.

A hosting server can be set up at home, but it requires a lot of knowledge and time.A paid hosting service is a very reliable solution that offers freedom from hassles.

Factors to consider while choosing a web host:

If you’re searching for the best web hosting company in India, then you’re at the right place. There are many companies available,some of them are expensive, some are reliable, and some are both reliable and cost effective. Here I’m sharing some points that will help you in making the right decision.


When choosing a hosting provider, price is an important aspect to look at first. Choosing the cheapest web host is not a good idea if you rely on your site to make money. First, take a look on features that each host provides before comparing prices.


Tech Limitations

Take an honest look at your site first and understand what you want it to do. If you’re planning to host an e-commerce site, a blog, rich content and videos to upload, then you have to be very careful when buying any cheap hosting package. A low-priced hosting plan may don’t have the disk space, processing power, and RAM to fulfill all your needs, and so you’ll face downtime or loading issues.

Area of Expertise

There are different shared plans for different customers. Many web hosts offer great shared plans but don’t have solutions for growing businesses, while others have great solutions for rising businesses but aren’t the right fit for a small business.

That’s why, take a look into a company’s specialty before you buy, and go with the one that understands your specific needs or your area of focus.

Features / Add-Ons

web hosting

This key point comes down to the following question – What’s the important thing that makes a web hosting company special? What extra features do they provide to customers? Some companies offer additional features such as regular data backups or free domain services as value added services. If you need lots of essential and free goodies then it can be a good sign that you should look into a company that offers these extra perks. Here’s a blog post on what you get free with ZNetLive’s services.

 Tech Support

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Whenever my site goes down, can I get a live support on phone to find out what’s going wrong or to tell me what I need to do to get my site back on track?


web hosting

This is the time during which anyone can access your website and during which it runs without any issue. Many web hosts promise that they’ll provide 100% uptime, but it’s not true. So your best bet is to search for a web host who promised refund for the downtime or never let you face this issue.

Customer Reviews

web hosting

To get the real story on any web host, you should look into this feature seriously. Social media plays a key role to see what a host’s former or current customers are saying about it. What’s the average time they take to respond? What’s their course of action? Etc.

Secure Hosting

web hosting

Security is essential everywhere.You must ensure the server side as well as website pages’ security.You need to choose a safe hosting to keep all your data safe from any scam or to protect your website from attackers and to have your server up and running all time, that’s the formula for your success.

Your time to take action:

Carefully look for a web hosting company that offers quality 24-hour support, good value added services, scaling compatibility for future growth, high uptime, and security.

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